SLOVENSKÉ DRÁHY, a.s. Košice, 31704000

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Information about SLOVENSKÉ DRÁHY, a.s. Košice

Legal information

Company name SLOVENSKÉ DRÁHY, a.s. Košice [1]
Identification number (IČO) 31704000
Legal form Joint-stock company
Capital 697074 EUR
Management body the Board of Directors
Acting in the name of the company The documents, which establish the rights and obligations of the joint-stock company shall be signed by each of the members of the Board of Directors alone and so that they can use it to display a menu or adding their signature.
Date of entry 24.02.1995

The Board of Directors

a member of the Tibor Kočík
Chairman of the Board Pavol Kačic

Contact information

Contact company: SLOVENSKÉ DRÁHY, a.s. Košice

Registered seat

Tomašíkova 17, 040 01 Košice


Company does not have registered any Slovak top level domain.

Objects of the company

Trade registry

Activities of the company are available at the trade registry website.

Licensing register

From 24.2.1995: Wholesale industrial and consumer goods

From 24.2.1995: Mediation in the area of trade and services

From 24.2.1995: Mediation services

From 24.2.1995: Translation costs

From 24.2.1995: The storage activity

From 24.2.1995: Lease of motor vehicles

From 24.2.1995: Renting of transport equipment

From 24.2.1995: Research and development activities in the field of transport

From 24.2.1995: Advisory and consulting activities in the field of economic, organisational and accounting advice//mimo business

From 24.2.1995: Factoring and forfaiting

From 24.2.1995: The operation of a travel agency, with the representatives of the: Ing. Tibor Kočik (Zrušený)

From 24.5.1996: Leasing activity

From 24.5.1996: Buying and selling real estate

From 24.5.1996: The operation of a travel agency, with the representatives of the: Ing. Tibor Kočik (Zrušený)


G.46.19: Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods [2]


51190: Brokering with mixed goods

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